EVPmaker 2.5

Transforms standard speech into unintelligible audio for EVP sessions
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Stefan Bion

EVPMaker transforms speech into unintelligible audio by cutting and randomly scrambling the phonemes in each word, so that it can then later be used as raw material for Electronic Voice Phenomena sessions. You can then build your own EVP session by using as many sound samples as you wish and typing in specific questions to be answered by paranormal voices.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon refer to those paranormal utterances that appear in some recordings created with both analogue and digital recording media and which have no physical explanation. According to the experts in this field, you need to offer some raw audio material to these voices so that they can use it to form their own messages. This tool creates such material by using standard speech, which can be pre-recorded or produced on the fly from a variety of sources (your own voice, a radio station, etc.). By using pseudo and real random numbers, it labels each phoneme in the message, extracts them from the original recording and rearranges them in a way that makes the new audio material completely unintelligible – and EVP recording. The program can use different sources for its RNG process, such as a fractal equation, a simple text file, your own sound card, etc.

These EVP audio files can then be customized and optimized by applying some sound effects, such as adding an echo, reversing the signal, changing the playback speed, and so on. Once the EVP audio files are ready, this program allows you to build your own full EVP session. This consists of various EVP recordings (or the same one played repeatedly by using the “loop file” function) mixed with the questions you want to ask the voices. You can type these in directly into the program, which will create a report with both your questions and their answers, when these happen.

Francisco Martínez
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